Product Features
IEC 61131-3 Standard Instructions Yes
Rack Mounting, Aluminum Case Yes
Hot Stand by Redundant CPU Yes
Redundant Power Supply Yes
Redundant Rack Panel Yes
Discrete Isolated Single or Double I / O Module Options Yes
Hot Swap Feature Yes
High Speed and Precision DC Analog Control Yes
WDT Security Mechanisms Yes
Encrypted Communication (SSL/TLS, SSH, HTTPS) Yes
Communication with Different Systems (OPC DA and OPC HDA Client Support) Yes
Account Management, User Definitions and Rule Assignments Yes
Power Protection and I / O Isolation Yes
Real-time Monitoring of Process Data via WEB Server Yes
Programming with USB Cable Yes
Upload/Download Program over TCP/IP Yes
Remote Firmware Upgrade Yes
IP Filtering Feature Yes
Integrated ViewPLUS SCADA Software Yes
IoT Support Yes
MODBUS Gateway Mode Yes
Programmable Data Logging Yes
Axis Control Blocks Library Yes
PID and ON-OFF Control Blocks Library Yes
Math Floating Points Blocks Library Yes
HVAC Control Systems Blocks Library Yes
Astronomical Timer Blocks Library Yes
Creating Custom Macro Blocks Yes
Programming Editor Telediagram Software
Programming Language Function Block Diagram(FBD), Ladder
Operating Modes
Simulation Mode Project Test Feature Without Connection
Online Mode Instant Monitoring of Block Values over TCP or Serial Connection
Control Mode Remote I/O or PLC/RTU Programming
Operator Interface Windows, Linux, Android, IOS Applications
Alarm/Event Interface Alarm Identification and Alarm Output Assignment Functions
Archive Interface Historical Data Recording and Analytical Reporting (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML Format)
Web Interface Integrated Web Server and Explorer
Processor Specifications
Processor ARM Cortex - A8 Processors (1 GHz CPU)
RAM 256/512 MB DDR3 SD RAM
Memory Capacity 2 GB DDR3L SO-DIMM Memory
Expansion Capability
Total I/O Up to 1024 Points
Integrated Communication Ports
Integrated GSM/GPRS Quad-Band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
Integrated UMTS/HSPA Modem Max. 14,4 Mbps(DL) / Max. 5,76 Mbps(UL)
Integrated GPS GLONASS / GNSS Receiver
Ethernet 2 Port, 2 Gbps Ethernet PHY
RS485 2 Port, 3 kV ESD Protection, Galvanic and Optical Isolation
RS232 2 Port
USB 1 Port, Mini USB Type B
Communication Protocols
Master Communication Protocols MODBUS, DNP3, DLMS/COSEM, IEC62056-21, IEC60870-5-103, IEC61850(MMS Client)
Slave Communication Protocols MODBUS, DNP3, IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104
Network Management Protocol SNMP
IoT Protocol MQTT
Maximum Connection Count
Number of Server Socket 16
Number of Client Socket 32
Number of Client Sockets per TCP Server Socket 16
Data Logger Functionality
SD Card Support Micro SD Card
Data Logging via FTP Server Yes
Programmable Data Logging Trigger Functions Yes
Event Log
Event Log with Time Tag Yes
Event Log Time Resolution 1 ms
Maximum Event Log 20000
Real Time Clock and Calendar
Real-time Clock Integrated
NTP Client Support Yes
GPS Time Synchronization Yes
Battery Status/Level Reading Functions Yes
RTC Battery CR2032 Lithium, Battery Life: 3 Years
LED Signals
Power 1 LED Green
Error 1 LED Red
System 1 LED Green
Connection 1 1 LED Green
Connection 2 1 LED Green
Connection 3 1 LED Green
1/RS485-A 1 LED Blue
1/RS485-B 1 LED Blue
2/RS485-A 1 LED Blue
2/RS485-B 1 LED Blue
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature -20 / +75 C
Storing Temperature -40 / +85 C
Humidity 5..95 RH
Protection Standard IP20
Operating Altitude 0..2000 m
Electrical Wiring
Power Supply Input Demountable Terminal Block with Screw, (pitch 5.08 mm)
Serial Communication Port Inputs Demountable Terminal Block with Screw, (pitch 3.81 mm)
Duration 24 Months
Certificates CE

Distrubited Control System

  • Multiple SCADA Integration
  • Integrated ViewPLUS SCADA Software
  • Communication with Different Systems with OPC DA and OPC HDA Client Support
  • Account Management, User Definitions, Rule Assignments
  • Historical Data Recording and Analytical Reporting
  • Reporting System; PDF, Word, Excel, HTML
  • Building Automation

  • HVAC Systems Blocks Library
  • Calibration Blocks
  • Timer Blocks
  • Process Automation

  • Maximum 1024 I/O Points
  • Communication Protocol Supporting Master and Slave Mode
  • Simultaneous Multi-Socket Connection
  • Timer Blocks
  • Temperature Control Applications

  • PID and Auto-tuning Functionality
  • Hysteresis and ON/OFF Control with Time Counter
  • Analog (Float) Math Operations
  • Lighting Automation

  • Real Time Clock and Calendar Blocks
  • Astronomical Timer Relay
  • Machine Automation

  • Aging Control Blocks
  • Axis Control Bloks
  • Timer Blocks
  • Telemetry

  • Master Protocols: MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, DNP3 IEC60870-5-103
  • Slave Protocols: MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, DNP3, IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104
  • MODBUS Gateway Mode
  • Integrated Web Server and Explorer
  • SNMP Protocol Support
  • IoT Applications

  • MQTT Protocol Support
  • Energy Automation

  • IEC61850 Protocol Support
  • IEC62056-21 Protocol Support
  • DLMS/COSEM Protocol Support
  • Data Logger Applications

  • Data Logging via FTP Server
  • Micro SD Card Supporting
  • Programmable Logging Blocks
  • NTP, TFTP Supporting
  • Mikrodev MP200G Teknik Çizimi

    Communication Ports

    Product Code GPS GSM ETH RS485 RS232  
    DM510 1 1 2 2 2  

    Communication Protocols

    Product Code MODBUS MQTT DNP3 SNMP DLMS/COSEM IEC 62056-21 IEC 61850 IEC 60870-5-101/103/104  
    DM510 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  

    Rack Panels for DM500 Series

    Product Code Case PSU CPU I/O  
    Dual 4-Slot Dual 4 2 2 4  
    9-Slot 9 1 1 7  
    12-Slot/1 12 1 1 10  
    12-Slot/2 12 2 1 9  
    18-Slot 18 2 2 14  

    Power Supply for DM500 Series

    Product Code Input VDC(Vin) Input VAC(Vin) Output VDC(Vout)  
    PS500 24, 48, 60 VDC 24, 48, 100..120, 200..240 VAC 9..48 VDC  

    Expansion Modules for DM500 Series

    Product Code DI DO AI AO  
    XIO500.DI16 16 . . .  
    XIO500.DO16 . 16 . .  
    XIO500.AI8 . . 8 .  
    XIO500.AO8 . . . 8  


    DM500 Series Hardware Maneal  
    DM500 Series Software Manual  


    Telediagram Software (Requires License)