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INEGOL OIZ - 34.5 KV Medium Voltage Power Distribution Network SCADA System

Inegol Organized Industrial Zone, Scope of the Project;

  •   Reading the data of cells in transformer substations via RTU340 (IEC 61850 MMS Client)
  •   Motorized circuit breaker control and fault detection
  •   Instant data transfer to ViewPLUS SCADA over IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  •   Monitoring rectifier alarms and fire alarms in substations
  •   Monitoring the energy analyzers
  •   Monitoring electric meters
  •   Monitoring natural gas meters
  •   Monitoring the waste-water flow meters
  •   Monitoring the water meters
  •   Monitoring and control of clean water wells

The Mikrodev Products used for Inegol OIZ Project;

Product Category Product code Units
RTU - Remote Terminal Unit RTU340 22 Units
DLMS Modbus Gateway MDC100E 100 Units
M-BUS Modbus Gateway MMS100E 100 Units
ViewPLUS SCADA Software VPlus-100C-10000T 10000 Tag

Devices Controlled by RTU340;

Micom Protection Relays IEC 61850 MMS Client
ABB Protection Relays IEC 61850 MMS Client
Datakom DKT PRO 409 Network Analyzer Modbus RTU
Rectifier / Alarm Information Digital IO

Devices Controlled by MP201;

Mitsubishi F700 inverter
Delta HMI

Devices Controlled by MP211;

Transformer Kiosk Centers - Digital IO

Field Instruments Monitored and Controled by ViewPLUS SCADA;

RTU440 IEC 60870-5-104
MP201E Modbus TCP
MP211E Modbus TCP
ION7650 Power Quality Analyzer Modbus TCP
Electricity Meters Global Database
Water Meters Modbus RTU over TCP
Gas Meters Modbus RTU over TCP
Wastewater Flow Meter Monitoring Modbus RTU over TCP

Architecture of RTU Nodes;


Some of the Panels introduced at Inegol OIZ;


Inegol OIZ SCADA Room;


  •  Login Screen and tabbed SCADA View

  •  Menu View

  •  Inegol OIZ Single Line Diagram - Ring line between substations can be monitored here

Example Substation

  •  Instant data for B substation can be monitored on this screen
  •  Breaker, disconnector and earth-separator images update dynamically according to the data from the field

Example Customer View

  •  Delivered power to customers on B substation and fault information can be displayed

Monitoring Analyzer

  •  Monitoring of the incoming energy is carried out using the data obtained from the analyzer by TEIAŞ SCADA

Electricity Meters

  •  Meter reading data of 100 customers are monitored in SCADA

Gas Meters

  •  Gas meter reading data of 40 customers are monitored in SCADA

Clean Water Pumps

  •  3 pump-well stations with inverters, belonging to Inegöl IOZ are monitored and controlled via SCADA

General Information

  •  Fire alarms, rectifier alarms, door and cabinet positions in transformer substations are monitored via SCADA


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