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MUSKİ / Mugla Water and Sewerage Administration / Water SCADA System RTU

MUSKİ RTU Panel Installation and SCADA System;

RTU Panels are installed for 20 wells, 6 lift-pump/tank and 10 tanks in the context of "MUSKI, Automation of 36 Well-Tank/ RTU Panels" project.

IEC 60870-5-104 protocol is used for the communication between RTU440s and ViewPLUS SCADA on the system which is controlled by Mikrodev RTU440 and extension modules. Hence, modbus protocol is used for RTU440-RTU440 communication.

An external 3G modem is used for communication. Energy analyzer data is read via Modbus RTU in wells and lift-pump stations. And on some locations, HMI operator panels are also installed for the possibility of local control. On the system, 1 RTU440 controls 170I/O s. ViewPLUS SCADA runs on 2 separate redundant servers in conjunction with 2 redundant Oracle database servers.

MUSKI, Scope of Project;

  •   Setup communication between RTU440s-wells-lifted pumps-tanks (via Modbus TCP Master-Slave)
  •   Remote monitoring and control of wells,lifted pumps and tanks via ViewPLUS SCADA
  •   Automatic control of wells and lift pumps according to tank level
  •   Data transmission to Viewplus SCADA via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  •   Control and monitoring systems over operator panel (HMI) for local users
  •   Logging via RTU440 with IEC 60870-5-104 and auto sending logs to SCADA
  •   Alarm monitoring, alarm verification, alarm acknowledgment and adding acknowledge notes
  •   Monitoring of the energy analyzer
  •   Monitoring Left-Chlorine devices via ViewPLUS SCADA over Modbus TCP
  •   Monitoring flowmeters’ instantaneous and total flow values
  •   Controlling pressure safety of well-lift pumps
  •   Farklı marka (IDS, ABB ve Siemens) RTU ve PLC'lerin ViewPlus SCADA'dan Modbus TCP ve IEC 60870-5-104 ile izleme ve kontrolü
  •   Controlling pump operation safety according to minimum and maximum tank levels
  •   Time and event-based reporting
  •   Tabular and graphical reporting
  •   Reporting filters
  •   Statistical reporting
  •   Compare data on different timescales on reports

The Mikrodev Products used for MUSKI Project;

Product Category Product Code Units
RTU - Remote Terminal Unit RTU440 35 Units
Expansion Modules XI200.I16 62 Units
XI200.Q16 48 Units
XI200.AI16 52 Units
ViewPLUS SCADA Software VPlus-50C-7000T 7000 Tag

Devices Controlled by RTU440;

Klea energy analyzers Modbus RTU 26 Units
Beijer IX T10A HMI Operatör Panel Modbus RTU 2 Units
Chlorine residual equipment Modbus TCP
Lift and Well Pumps
Hydrostatic and Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensors
Hydrostatic Pressure Sensors
Ultrasonic and Magnetic Flowmeters
On / Off and Modulating Valves

Field Instruments Monitored and Controled by ViewPLUS SCADA;

RTU440 IEC 60870-5-104
ANTECH chlorine maintenance apparatus Modbus TCP
Klea energy analyzer Modbus TCP
Siemens PLC Modbus TCP
Beijer IX T10 HMI Operator Panels Modbus TCP
Ids RTU IEC 60870-5-104

Some of the Lift Pump and Tank Panels introduced at MUSKI;


Some of the Well RTU Panels introduced at MUSKI;


Some of the RTU Panel Equipments introduced at MUSKI;

  •   Mikrodev RTU440 and expansion modules
  •   IP65 RTU Panel
  •   Energy analyzer
  •   Operator panel HMI
  •   3G modem
  •   UPS uninterruptible power supply
  •   24 volt power supply
  •   Isolation Transformer
  •   Surge arresters, slim relays, sockets, panel heater, thermostat, fuses, glass fuses
  •   Terminals and other panel consumables


  •  MUSKI SCADA Map Screen

  •  RTU440 s are installed on 24 stations which can be monitored on Mentese SCADA Control and Monitor screen.

  •  RTU440 s are installed on 12 stations which can be monitored on Dalaman SCADA Control and Monitor screen

  •  On Mentese SCADA System’s Bahceyaka station, RTU440s areyyyyyyyuy installed on 11 stations communicate with 1 RTU on lift pump station via Modbus TCP. At the same time each station connects to ViewPlus SCADA via IEC 60870-5-104 .

  •  On the pump control interface there are widgets for on-off control, operation according to the tank level control and pump info monitoring. Operator can immediately access saved reports using shortcuts on operator display and print them.

  •  ViewPLUS SCADA has a rich set of features such as graphical and tabular reporting, comparison graphical reports, statistical reporting and custom report filters.

  •  Monitoring and control of the system consisting of 11 stations that has ABB PLC units installed is done via Modbus TCP protocol on ViewPLUS SCADA

  •   Monitoring and control of the system consisting of 56 stations that has IDS RTU units installed is done via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol on ViewPLUS SCADA


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