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Tekirdağ Water and Sewerage Administration (TESKI) SCADA System


SCADA system developed for Tekirdağ Water and Sewerage Administration has been introduced in 2015.

RTU330 remote terminal units communicate with ViewPlus SCADA server over Modbus TCP, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, and other widely accepted protocols. GSM infrastructure is preferred as communication layer and integrated GSM modems in Mikrodev RTU products are used.

Tank to Well M2M communications can be monitored through a variety of applications such as water level controls, tank level controls, flow-pressure-chlorine-turbidity-pH measurements, well water follow-ups, total water measurements given to the system, pump run times and maintenance follow-up.

Mikrodev Products Used in the Scope of the Project;

Product Category Product code Units
RTU - Remote Terminal Unit RTU330 192 Units
Expansion Modules XI200.DI32 52 Units
XI200.DQ16 30 Units
XI200.AI16 22 Units
XI200.AQ8 5 Units
ViewPLUS SCADA Software 25.000 Tag 250 OperatorClient

Examples from the RTU Panels Installed for TESKI;


Devices Controlled by RTU330;

Horizontal and Vertical Pump 231 Units
Booster Pump 30 Units
Durko Level Sensor 80 Units
Enelsan Flowmeter 45 Units
ABB Flowmeter 16 Units
Crockery Flowmeter 28 Units
Enelsa Chlorine Device 23 Units
Turbidity Sensor 12 Units
On / Off and Proportional Valves 32 Units
pH Sensor 10 Units
Chlorine Sensor 19 Units

Devices controlled by MikroDev ViewPlus SCADA;

Mikrodev RTU330 RTU (Modbus TCP) 192 Units
Mikrodev MP201 PLC (Modbus TCP) 30 Units
Schneider PLC (Modbus TCP) 15 Units
ABB PLC (Modbus TCP) 32 Units

  •   TESKI SCADA Home Page:

  •   Suleymanpasa Town Page:

  •   Thanks to the M2M communication between the lift tanks and the wells, level information of the tanks are transmitted to the wells. The water supplied to the system is measured via the flow meters at the outlets of the submersible pumps and the lift pumps.

  •  Information such as pump, flow rate, water on the line, well condition, tank condition, GSM signal condition, panel battery condition, well utilization can be reached through well and promotion control pages.

  •   Thanks to real time graphics, you can view the report page of the tank or flowmeter by clicking on the tank or flowmeter. In case of critical situations, alarms defined for spesific levels can be monitored from the alarm page.

  •  It is possible to access historical data graphically through the reporting tool. In the above report, you can see the water flow information by the 3 lift pumps to the system within the last 2.5 months.

  •  The water distributed to the neighborhoods and districts can be accessed by clicking on the “generated water” screens. Here, weekly and monthly data are presented to Water and Sewerage Administration.

  •  Thanks to the easy programmability and adaptation of Mikrodev products and SCADA, the number of sites integrated into SCADA is increasing day by day for the system communicating over Modbus TCP protocol; .

  •  Thanks to the alarming functions, alarms can be monitored, acknowledged, and acknowledgment notes can be added at alarm locations. All alarms can be accessed on the alarm page.


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