SC100RF (RF - RS232/RS485 Converter)

Mikrodev SC100RF (RF - RS232/RS485 Converter)

Product Features
Transparent Communication Yes
User-friendly Software for Configuring Gateway Yes
Programming with USB Cable Yes
Data Transmission Between Networks Yes
Multiple Connectivity Yes
Auto-Detect Socket Disconnection and Auto-Reconnection Yes
Stable Communication with Dynamic Structure Yes
View Status of Device Over Web-Interface Yes
Programming Editor Assistant Software
Device Search over Network Yes
Offline Configuration Yes
Import/Export Configuration Yes
Integrated Communication Ports
RF 1 Port, 868 MHz Free Frequency Bands, TX Power Up to 0.5 W
Serial Ports 1 Port RS485 (3 kV ESD Protection), 1 Port RS232
or 2 Port RS485
USB 1 Port, Mini USB Type B
LED Signals
Power 1 LED Blue
Running Status 1 LED Blue
Error 1 LED Blue
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature -20 / +75 C
Storing Temperature -40 / +80 C
Humidity 5..95 RH
Protection Standard IP20
Operating Altitude 0..2000 m
Electrical Wiring
Serial Port Inputs Demountable Terminal Block with Screw, (pitch 3.81 mm)
Power Supply Input Demountable Terminal Block with Screw, (pitch 3.81 mm)
Supply Voltage 9..36 VDC
Supply Current 50 mA @ 24 VDC
Duration 24 Months
Certificates CE


  • Barcode Scanner System
  • Machine Automation
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Meter Reading Systems
  • Energy Tracking Systems
  • Mikrodev MP200G Teknik Çizimi
    Product Code GSM/Ethernet/WI-FI/RF RS232 RS485 USB  
    SC100RF RF 1 1 1  
    SC101RF RF . 2 1  


    SC100 Series Hardware Manual  
    SC100 Series Software Manual  


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