Product Features
Panel Mounting Rack
Case Type Aluminum
Energy Transfer Through Rack Panel Yes
Automatic Addressing via Rack Panel Yes
Short-Circuit Protection Yes
Panel Types
Dual 4-Slot In Each of The Two Isolated Units; 1xPSU, 1xCPU, 2xI/O (Total 2xPSU, 2xCPU, 4xI/O)
9-Slot 1xPSU, 1xCPU, 7xI/O
12-Slot/1 1xPSU, 1xCPU, 10xI/O
12-Slot/2 2xPSU, 1xCPU, 9xI/O
18-Slot 2xPSU, 2xCPU, 14xI/O
Mikrodev MP200G Teknik Çizimi
Product Code Case PSU CPU I/O  
Dual 4-Slot Dual 4 2 2 4  
9-Slot 9 1 1 7  
12-Slot/1 12 1 1 10  
12-Slot/2 12 2 1 9  
18-Slot 18 2 2 14  


Rack Panel Hardware Manual