Product Features
Panel Mounting Rack
Connection CANBUS Based, 1 MBit Speed
Address Assigment Rotary Switch or Over the Communication Channel
Resolution 1 ms
Measurement Resolution 16 Bit (Sign Bit Included)
Power Protection Yes
Discrete Isolation Yes(Between Analog Inputs)
Optical Isolation Yes(Between Expansion Line and Module)
Hot Swap Feature Yes
Configurable Measuring Ranges Yes
Input / Output
Analog Input 8 Channel, 16 Bit Resolution, Discrete Isolation(1 GND for Each Channel)
Analog Input Range 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, +/-24 mA, 0-10 V, +/-10 V
LED Signals
Power 1 LED Green
Running Status 1 LED Green
Connection 1 LED Green
Error 1 LED Red
Analog Inputs 24 LED Blue (Three-level Information LED for Each Channel)
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature -20 / +75 C
Storing Temperature -40 / +85 C
Humidity 5..95 RH
Protection Standard IP20
Operating Altitude 0..2000 m
Electrical Wiring
Analog Input Demountable Terminal Block with Screw, (pitch 3.81 mm)
Power Supply Input Demountable Terminal Block with Screw, (pitch 5.08 mm)
Supply Voltage 24..60 VDC, +/-25%
Power <10W
Duration 24 Months
Certificates CE
Mikrodev MP200G Teknik Çizimi
Product Code DI DO AI AO  
XIO500.AI8 . . 8 .  


XIO500 Series Hardware Manual