It is strong and versatile device that can be utilized in various control applications including simple devices to advanced field controls. It allows to the operator effectively understand, monitor data and control them by providing a complete and user friendly graphical user interface. Projects developed in MikroSCADA software can be seamlessly integrated in HMI. It provides a smooth and fast user experience thanks to its bright display and 3D accelerated processor. It also provides to control more data by 6 buttons to the touch screen. It runs applications smoothly with its high storage/memory capacity.


  •   Data Visualization Through Animation
  •   Graphics 65,536-Colors TFT LCD
  •   High Memory Capacity Large and Bright Display
  •   High Endurance
  •   Touchscreen Panel
  •   Fast Boot up
  •   Broad Symbol Library


  •   Connection with Multiple Diverse
  •   Ethernet Multipoint Connection
  •   Devices Remote Monitoring with Mobile Devices
  •   Fast and Easy Transfer of Mikroscada Projects


  •   Alarm Monitoring and Analysis Log Recording on SD Card
  •   Connectable via Mikrodev Operator Client FTP Server

Easy Installation

  •   Panel and Vesa Installation Compatibility
  •   Easy Data Transfer

PLC Mode

  •   Programmable via Mikrodiagram
  •   Seamless Integration with Mikrodev Expansion I/O over CAN Bus MDScript Support

Hardware Features

  •   Resolution: 800x480
  •   Color: 65536
  •   Touchscreen Panel Type: 4 resistive cable
  •   Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 1Ghz 3D Graphics Core
  •   SD Card Slot: Yes

Communication Ports

  •   USB Host : Yes
  •   Ethernet 10/100/1000
  •   Serial Interface: 1 RS485 / 1 RS232
  •   RS-485 Isolation: Yes
  •   CAN BUS:Yes


  •   Input Power: 24VDC
  •   Power IsolationYes
  •   Power Consumption: [email protected]
  •   Operating Temperature : -20~60C
Mikrodev MP200G Teknik Çizimi
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