IoT Solutions

Mikrodev Web Software
  •   Manage and view many diverse devices (electrical meters, energy analyzers, reactive relays, temperature, humidity, pressure metering devices, etc.)from a single portal
  •   Communication with devices operating in both master and slave modes
  •   Device communication support via many protocols such as MODBUS, M-BUS
  •   State of the art IoT (Internet of Things) protocol support thanks to expansions
  •   Seamless integration of SCADA Server with Mikrodev PLC Gateway, Converter, Remote IO Devices
  •   Ubiquitous access by means of Web-based graphical interface
  •   Ease of integration with Tablet and Smart Phone devices via responsive design feature of HTML5
  •   Distributed and horizontal expansion support built-in Architectural framework enables servicing thousands of devices simultaneously
  •   WebSockets support enables spontaneous up-to-date alarm and notification system
  •   Custom alarm definition and management
  •   User-friendly graphics and reporting displays
  •   Multi-language support
  •   Usage measures and billing screens
  •   Easy integration with 3rd party systems via REST API
  •   Provides maximum performance with software and hardware load balancers thanks to Stateless architectural design
  •   LSupports easy integration of corporate users via LDAP, ActiveDirectory integration
  •   Operates with IPSec, OpenVPN based devices